How to Be Loud?

Answer If you need to get someone's attention in a noisy place, or simply want to have fun, here are some methods to help you be loud.

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My fan is loud on my computer it gets loud and then quiet is that normal?

Why when I turn on my computer does it make a loud humming noise It only last a few minutes, but it is loud.?

It may be the fans spinning up and getting warm.It might be the hard drive, but that should only be a few seconds, other than the 'chatter' as it is accessed to start the OS.I would check the fans.... Read More »

How loud is 35.0 dBa?

A sound measured at 35.0 decibels adjusted, or dBa, is very quiet. It can be compared to the sound of a fan on low speed heard from about 3 feet away. The highest level of the dBa scale is 190, whi... Read More »

How loud is a jet plane?

From 100 feet away, a jet engine is 130 decibels, which is louder than the 120-decibel level of an amplified rock concert. This is within the human ear's threshold of pain, which is between 115 and... Read More »