How to Be Liked for Being Yourself?

Answer If you are not yourself, people probably won't want to be around you and will think you are fake. Be yourself around everyone -- act the same around strangers, friends and members of the opposite s... Read More »

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How to Be Liked After Being Hated?

If you have been in a situation where people have hated you, it can be hard to feel strong enough to find your way back into favor and to start again. This article provides some suggested ways that... Read More »

Which Cartoon character did you once liked as a kid but as you got older you said to yourself why did i ->?

Maybe the two black crows from around the late 50's. Their humor I think is best for adults not children. I think it sort of goes over the heads of some kids...but is more understood but older folk... Read More »

The Difference Between Being Proud of Yourself and Being Conceited?

At one time, the ideas of pride and conceit were interchangeable and still to this day are used synonymously. However, the modern perspective has differentiated between these two words by adding a ... Read More »

Can people see what I liked on Facebook even if I didn't comment or liked a stautes?

Once, you like a page, this notification is highlighted on your profile. If someone see your profile, he will know that you liked a particular page no matter you liked the status or not.