How to Be Like a Doctor Who Female Companion (Revived Series)?

Answer Have you ever watched Doctor Who, and admired and envied the companions? Here's how to be similar to Donna, Martha, Rose and/or Amy.

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Has the doctor ever been in love with his companion in Doctor Who?

The Doctor loves all of his companions. You can argue either way if he's been 'in love with' any of his companions. Two and Jamie were very close, as were Three and Jo, Four and Sarah Jane, Five an... Read More »

Do you believe that the current series of Doctor Who will last as long as the classic series did?

I've made a Facebook page aimed at all Doctor who fans. I'm sure your all disappointed with the lack of Doctor who we have or should I say haven't had over the past year. If you do your sums you wi... Read More »

Who is your favorite Doctor and who is your favorite Companion from Doctor Who?

9 EASILY could have became my favorite, I think his run was way too short to make him a top contender for favorite though. So I'm going with 10. 11 has been nice though. I haven't seen the Classic ... Read More »

When does series 6 start of the new series of Doctor Who?