How to Be Like Pinkie Pie?

Answer Have you ever wanted to be like Pinkie Pie, the giggly and funny pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?. Here's the answer to your questions...

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What should i do about a cut on my pinkie finger?

Make sure your using the right bandaid for it. If it's at the end, use knuckle or finger tip bandaids, they'll wrap around better. Keep it clean & use neosporin. I recently sliced the side tip off ... Read More »

Why is my pinkie finger pregnant!?

um ur werid nobody has a pregnant pinkie go to the doctor or something

How to Dress Like Pinkie Pie on Club Penguin?

Is My Little Pony Friendship is Magic one of your favorite shows? Do you want to dress up like Pinkie and be silly? Here's how:

I punched a wall and behind my pinkie knuckle...?

You popped a knuckle, congratulations. It's going to be sore for a few weeks ugly and deformed for many many months.Don't do it again.Oh yeah, also, don't take medical advice from the Internets, al... Read More »