How to Be Like Grace Bowman?

Answer Grace Bowman is the Christian girl on The Secret Life Of an American Teenager. If you want to be like her, this article is for you!

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How to Look Like Grace Bowman?

Grace (portrayed by Megan Park) is the perky, lovable, Christian cheerleader on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". She has a cute, wholesome, conservative, all-American style. Here's how t... Read More »

In the TNT series Saving Grace why wasn't Grace's brother the Priest in the final scene of last episode?

she didnt realize it was eric, all calleigh saw was a car fleeing the scene of a gunfight that was comming towards her so she shot.. only afterwards did she realize it was him :(

Did Topher Grace Grace Get Along with the cast of that 70's show?

Topher Grace didn't get along with the cast except for Laura Prepon (Donna). Danny (Hyde), Wilmur (Fez), and Ashton (Kelso) went clubbing and Topher didn't want to go so he didn't really fit in. I'... Read More »

Where does the surname Bowman come from?

The last name Bowman is an English surname that was originally given to archers. The motto of the Bowman family is "Numine et arcu," which translates to "the bow by God's providence." Spelling vari... Read More »