How to Be Less Insecure?

Answer Many people are insecure but try to love yourself for who you are. This article will help you on the way to becoming less insecure!

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I'm so insecure about my body fat?

i dont know about girls but for boys at 13 like me 90 pounds is very underweight. i think that you should not try to lose weight but try and just eat better food and and your fat will eventually b... Read More »

BBUK9....Why is REX so insecure...?

He he - hubby and I remarked on that too!! His insecurity possibly comes from two things - he doesn't love himself so knows no-one else will and the fact that his parents divorced when his father ... Read More »

How to Help an Insecure Friend?

Do you have a friend who is constantly putting herself down? Or, maybe she is always saying that she wants to be you, wishing she wasn't herself. You know she's beautiful, but you just wish she cou... Read More »

Feeling insecure lately :( please help?

Insecure about what? The fact that you have a perfect skin tone? A beautiful smile? Ideal height and weight? I think you're very pretty, plus you seem to have an interesting, outgoing personality! :D