How to Be Less Insecure?

Answer Many people are insecure but try to love yourself for who you are. This article will help you on the way to becoming less insecure!

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How to Be Less Insecure (for Teen Girls)?

School is tough and the last thing we need is to be insecure. There are things all over the place that make girls today insecure: magazines, TV, even fellow females. So, if you're sick of feeling l... Read More »

BBUK9....Why is REX so insecure...?

He he - hubby and I remarked on that too!! His insecurity possibly comes from two things - he doesn't love himself so knows no-one else will and the fact that his parents divorced when his father ... Read More »

My external drive is conected to my computer but tge memory is gettin less and less think its cos the backup?

Hi,Yes you can delete some of the old backups, just keep a few days worth.Arnak

Why should taxpayers accept anything less than the healthcare of our employees (Obama et al) are we less human?

Well, I think "mommanuke" may have unwittingly nuked her youthful brain because she never even answered your question in big, bold letters, but went off on you for getting irrational just because y... Read More »