How to Be Known by Everyone at School?

Answer Knowing a lot of people at school can be a good thing- you can ask the little yr sevens to let you cut in line, get the olders to protect you against a meanie or just get at least one 'hello' and a... Read More »

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How to Be Known in Middle School?

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How to Be Well Known in School?

Many people want to be famous in their school. Here is how you can achieve this goal.

How to Be Known As Nice in School?

He's nice!Are you always labeled as a bully? Do you want to get rid of that label?

How to Be the Known One in Middle School?

Do you feel like you're a nobody in middle school? Just an average girl in the school? Well if you're worried then all eyes on the screen! You have to have confidence no matter what people say to y... Read More »