How to Be Kind to People Worldwide?

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What kind of insurance is needed for Russia European or worldwide?

Answer Yes, it can be included in the lease. It will only cost you less than $250/year depending on the amount of coverage and protects both your personal property and your liability. Plus, if t... Read More »

How many people worldwide have AIDS?

In 2008--the most recent year for which official statistics are available--33.4 million people worldwide were living with AIDS and HIV. That same year, 2.7 million people became infected with HIV a... Read More »

How many people worldwide have diabetes?

According to the World Health Organization, more than 220 million people around the world have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes makes up about 90 percent of all cases. Diabetes claimed more than 1 million... Read More »

How many people worldwide have died of AIDS?

UNAIDS statistics that were published in November 2009 indicate that more than 25 million people worldwide have died from AIDS. Statistics have been collected and compiled since 1981 when the AIDS ... Read More »