How to Be Great at Role Playing?

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How to Run a Great Role-playing Campaign?

Since the introduction of "Dungeons & Dragons" in the 1970s, role-playing games have grown into the mainstream. Fueled by the success of computer games such as "World of Warcraft" and movies like "... Read More »

What is role-playing?

Its done in yahoo chat. You pretend to be someone else, and it gets into kinky sexual stuff.

How to Find a Dragon Egg (Role Playing)?

Dragons. They are an amazing species. They can live to over 1,200 years old. Even an old dragon is active. Only when they reach 1,200 years old do there brains stop developing. This race must live ... Read More »

Role Playing Ideas in the Classroom?

Role-playing allows for topic exploration and entertainment, making learning fun for children. Role-playing requires students to implement acting skills to convey a topic or to apply knowledge of a... Read More »