How to Be Goth Without Looking Scary?

Answer Do you write dark poetry? Do you listen to "heavy" music? Do you have the characteristic sultry attitude? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you can be goth. This article is all about ... Read More »

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How to Build Scary Looking Landscapes?

You can achieve scary landscaping with a bit of pruning or put the mower away and let the lawn grow. Part of a scary landscape is making it look neglected or abandoned. When creating your scary lan... Read More »

Is a 5'11 female scary looking?

Im 18, male and 6'3. Taller people get better jobs and get paid more according to scientific research. Being tall is GOOD. Even for females, i have a lot of tall friends who are both male and femal... Read More »

How Can I Be Goth Without Being a Poser?

Those with a passion for dark clothes, dark books and dark music might find themselves drawn to the Gothic subculture. Gothic aficionados, who often refer to themselves as Goths, might look down on... Read More »

How to Dress Goth/Rocker Without Being Satanic?

Pure Serenity.Being Goth/Rocker definitely doesn't mean you need to be Satanic. This is dedicated to young girls who want to dress in their own unique, enchanting style without being a copy-cat or ... Read More »