How to Be Good in Airsoft?

Answer Are you always getting shot in Airsoft, but never get a chance to get someone else? Then this article might be helpful.

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What is a good FPS for an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns sold in the US have a firing capacity of 100 to 700 FPS (feet per second). The majority of airsoft guns sold, however, shoot between 200 and 400 FPS. Many airsoft leagues and airsoft f... Read More »

Is 160 fps airsoft good?

On One Hand: FPS SafetyGenerally, the considered-safe FPS range for airsoft guns is between 200 and 400 feet per second. Inexperienced players should set their guns on the low end of this spectrum ... Read More »

How to Be Good at Airsoft if You Just Started?

This is the complete instruction guide to be a good Airsoft recruit if you just started.

Are Kar 98 airsoft guns good?

On One Hand: A Unique ClassicThe Kar 98 has some nice features for an Airsoft gun. It is bolt operated just like the real steel, and it even has fake shells that hold Airsoft BB's. The construction... Read More »