How to Be Good at a First Person Shooter Video game?

Answer A first person shooter can look easy, but it can actually be difficult. If you usually get killed, read this.

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How to Become Better at First Person Shooter Video Games?

Hello! This article explains a few tips & tricks and techniques, as well as methods, that will hopefully improve your FPS gaming ability. I have collated this from around 4/5 years of experience!

How to Use a Grenade Launcher in a First Person Shooter Game?

This explains the use of the "noob-tube", or grenade launcher in the common FPS (first person shooter) games.Grenade Launchers can be very effective weapons. Some would even call it a cheap kill re... Read More »

How to Create a Decent First Person Shooter Game?

First person shooters (FPS) are fun popular games in which many people love to play and buy. Everyone has the brains to play a FPS and everyone has the brains to make one. The problem is that hardl... Read More »

Do first-person shooter gamers make good soldiers?

Not at all.In a fps your pressing buttons and in some, you can die many many times.In real life, you run around with a gun and kill real people, and once you get killed, you yourself are dead.