How to Be Good at Word Finds?

Answer Word Finds can be challenging. Some people may be good at it. That's because they practice and they have some tips and tricks. You want to be good at word finds too. So read on to learn how and to ... Read More »

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Am I the only one who finds the industry coined word "Birthmother" offensive?

No, your are not. I find that sort of language very marginalizing. But then, I'm the woman who signs her posts "adopted citizen." I use the terms "first parents" and "adoptive parents."ETA:Suzy ... Read More »

Types of Metal Detector Finds?

If you had seen someone walking around scanning the ground with a metal detector a few decades back, you might have assumed they were either a scientist or just a little bit crazy. However, in 2011... Read More »

What department finds sources of oil?

Nigerian man finds cure for Diabetes?

Sounds like yet another "magic cure" scam.1 - a patent does not mean much as proof that something works. thousands of patents are on file for things that don't work but are protected from infringe... Read More »