How to Be Good at Timesplitters 2 Virus Mode?

Answer TimeSplitters 2 is the best First-Person Shooter game ive ever played. One of the Multiplayer modes there is Virus Mode. Someone starts as a burning character running around to set fire on the othe... Read More »

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How do I recover lost files due to a virus for free in Safe Mode?

Restart your computer, and immediately--before the Windows booting logo appears or after the machine goes through the memory count--press the F8 key. Your mouse will not work. Use the arrow keys to... Read More »

How to Recover Lost Files Due to a Virus for Free in Safe Mode?

Safe mode is an operating system environment that provides only the most basic system tools and hardware drivers. This environment is used to restore applications and files lost due to various reas... Read More »

Good virus scanner i have a computer virus!!?

SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY hope that helps you it did me.

Anyone know a free really good anti-virus scan that will also help remove the virus?

you should try malwarebytes and look for a serial on youtube this is a really good anti virus