How to Be Good at Conversations With Your Crush?

Answer Do you ever worry about freezing up during a conversation with your crush? It can be difficult to communicate with someone you get butterflies in your stomach for. Although your nerves may be shake... Read More »

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How to Be Good at Conversations?

Do you sometimes feel that conversations should be more fun and less confusing? Does your mind go blank when you’re about to speak? Or does it seem like you never get a word in edgewise?

I need a chatroom where I can have good quality conversations about current affairs,serious subjects,etc.?

Heres a selection of the best and free chat rooms including screenshots,..Some places like yahoo have serious and not so serious rooms..These chatrooms can have upto a thousand individual rooms so ... Read More »

How to Look Good in Front of Your Crush?

Everyone wants to look good in front of their crush so here are tips to doing it! Good Luck everyone!

How to Get Your Crush to Notice You in a Good Way (for Girls)?

If you have a crush on a guy who doesn't even know you exist, this is the article for you...