How to Be Good With Small Dogs?

Answer Do you have a small dog that you think you can get to know better? If so, this is the article for you! It'll teach you how to get your small dog to love you and get to know it better. Read on if in... Read More »

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Are rawhide chew toys good for small dogs?

On One Hand: Rawhide and health risksRawhide toys pose a health risk to all dogs, including small dogs, those weighing 25 pounds or less. Rawhide is the dried hide from a cow or horse and does not ... Read More »

Can small dogs fly with you on American Airlines?

Yes, pets may fly with you on American Airlines. Small dogs may be allowed to travel in the cabin providing the carrier meets standards and there are no more than six other pets already booked on t... Read More »

How to Solve Digestive Problems With Small Dogs?

This article is to help a small dog with digestive problems.

What is a good small dog breed that is good with children?

On One Hand: Small is GoodSeveral small-breed dogs make good pets for families. West Highland white terriers, bichon frises and poodles have friendly, affectionate and playful personalities, accord... Read More »