How to Be Generous?

Answer Being generous begins with treating each person as though they have already achieved the potential for greatness that is in every one of us. It is in essence a sincere desire to make others' lives ... Read More »

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Who is Ellen the Generous?

"Ellen the Generous" is a term of endearment for Ellen Lee Degeneres. Degeneres is an Emmy Award Winning talk show host/comedian who is known for being very generous (especially to those in need). ... Read More »

Tipping, how generous are you?

This is the very reason I think it should be mandatory that every person has to wait tables for at least a week! I've waited tables and been a bartender and I have seen my share of cheap people. I ... Read More »

How to Be Generous on a Limited Budget?

Handmade gifts are often more appreciated than store-bought gifts.Many of us want to give to others. We see others in need and deeply desire to reach out and help them. We want to give to the chari... Read More »

Who approved Pakistani policies which were bolstered by generous foreign assistance and renewed access to global markets since 2001?