How to Be Fun at Parties?

Answer Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to be fun at parties. With a little bit of confidence and a relaxed attitude, you can be the life of any party.

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How to Promote Parties?

..Empty glasses are an indication of a successful party.You having a party and what use if nobody shows up? Here are few helpful tips to promote your party.

Birthday Parties?

have a theme to dress up to, this is always fun!my favourite was 'the oscars'.everyone dressed up and the whole party was based around it. for instance for all the games we had we won an osca r (ol... Read More »

How to Not Drink at Parties?

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How to Get in Parties for Free?

When you want admission to a closed party, you might need to find out how to make the tag or wristband, that identifies you as being invited. This is not completely honest and it might not work, bu... Read More »