How to Be Friends with Your Parents?

Answer Wouldn't it be nice if everyone got along with their parents better? These tips will help build a better relationship with your mother and father.

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I have cut myself and i think its because of my parents and friends?

Just cut urself and it becomes alright if not then scratch and hit urself I feel the same way as you and listen to asking Alexandria and bringL me the horizon and it feels better close your door an... Read More »

How to Scare Your Parents/Friends?

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy scaring someone and getting a kick out of it. Who doesn’t want a good laugh? This document will show you various ways of how to scare your parents/friends.

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You and Your Friends Go Out?

If your parents are over protective and don't let you and your friends go out together then you're in for some luck.

How to Get Your Parents to Let You Go to a School with Your Friends?

Did your parents tell you that you are going to a new school next year? Do they not want you to got o the other school because of their own experiences and worries? Here is the answer to your calling!