How to Be Friends with Upper Classmen?

Answer Tired of association only with people of your same age? Hate being looked down upon as a lowerclassman? Well, the best way to avoid that is to be friends with a junior or senior!

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How to Deal With Upper Classmen in High School?

Freshman are often disliked, so no matter what you do, at first, many upperclassmen will not like you. They don't know you, except that you clog up the hallways, are smaller and annoying.

How can I stop my Facebook friends from interacting with my In Real Life friends?

I left Facebook long ago. I truly think it brings out the worst in people, prolonging the junior-high mentality into middle age, and beyond.How are you doing, Sips?Ah, you know me, being sweet and... Read More »

On Facebook how do I stop someone I am friends with seeing my friends list?

Unfortunately I don't think there is a way from you friends to not see your friends. However, I do sugest you make yuor profile private. Facebook made changes and if your account settings are set t... Read More »

How to Have a Sleepover With Some Friends Without Your Other Friends Knowing?

Ever only been able to invite two or three friends to your house instead of all your friends? Here's how to keep it a well-kept secret.