How to Be Friends With Your Worst Teacher?

Answer Do you have a teacher that really hates you but you just want to be friends? If so read on to find how to make your teacher like you.

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What's the worst trick you've played on a substitute teacher?

My class has always been terrible to subs. There was one time when our teacher gave us a ton of work to do when she was gone for a week and it was the boringest work ever! So all of us tried to con... Read More »

2 of my friends say that they have had sexual intercoarse before what is the worst disease they can get?

How to Be Best Friends With Your Teacher?

There are many benefits to being friends with your teachers. For example, you might enjoy more leniency, more options with your education, and good recommendations when the time comes. Just follow ... Read More »

How to Become Friends With a Mean Teacher?

Is there that one teacher that you just can't have a good relationship with? Here's the steps that may help! Follow them and who knows how far it will get you!