How to Be Friends With Two People That Hate Each Other?

Answer Youth is tough. Finding friends you can count on and be yourself with is even tougher. But it gets to be almost impossible when two people you really enjoy can't stand one another.

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I hate how i look in mirrors in florecent lighting even with makeup is that how other people see me?

i am an interior designer, and the reason why florecent light is the bane of every woman's existance is because its spectrum of light is on the blue side, while incandescent more closely immitates ... Read More »

How to Cope With a Friend That Is Also Friends with Someone That You Hate?

Surely everyone has extra friends outside of their group. But it sucks when one of your friends is also friends with someone you hate! Here are some tips on how to deal with it.

How to Become Friends with the Guys That Hate You?

Is there a group of guys in your school that you'd like to be friends with, even though they dislike you? You can make it happen.

Why do The Wanted and One Direction hate each other?

It was banter, the boys each making fun of each other. I wouldn't say that 'Hate' each other, more like severely dislike.