How to Be Friendly With a Metro Protectron! (Fallout 3)?

Answer If you guys ever had problems with Metro Protectron in Fallout 3 , maybe you should read this. See the Tips section to see how to hack terminals in Fallout 3

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How to Hack the Metro Security Terminal in "Fallout 3"?

In "Fallout 3," security terminals are located outside of the entrance to buildings, vaults and guarded rooms. Terminals are used to disable security bots, gain information or unlock safes. To hack... Read More »

How does 1 get a Droid Eris that is flashed 2 Metro activated with Metro?

No, o2 doesn't sell the HTC Wildfire on either contract or pay as you go. You could always buy an unlocked version.

Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M, it's interfering with Fallout 3 launch?

Do you have one of those "Optimus" dual video cards? That's known to cause some problems with FO3 (which existed before there's such switchable stuff). Supposedly, if you install the latest drivers... Read More »

Does Fallout 3 work with the Intel Q35 chipset?

The Q35 chipset alone is not enough to run Fallout 3. However, it is compatible with the graphics cards and processors, such as the Intel Core Duo, that Fallout 3 needs to run properly.References:C... Read More »