How to Be Expressive?

Answer No matter how you feel, you look blank. No matter what you do, you seem boring. Wanna be more expressive? Here's how:

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How to Be an Expressive Pianist?

It is important when playing piano, to really 'feel' the music you're playing. Whether it is scales, or some intricate Chopin piece, you need to be emotionally connected to the notes you are playin... Read More »

Tattoos: trashy or expressive?

I have always found tattoos trashy and cheap. It is like painting a flower a different color--the flower itself is beautiful and painting it only detracts from its beauty. Why is nature so inatel... Read More »

Expressive Language Development Activities?

As babies grow older, their ability to communicate improves. They begin to develop an actual vocabulary, aside from the babbling they previously used to communicate. Expressive language refers to t... Read More »

How to Build Expressive Language Skills?

Most children develop normally and begin to speak somewhere between one and two years of age. However, parents often start to worry if their child seems to be delayed in language acquisition, espec... Read More »