How to Be Enlightened by the Religion Cosmic People of Light Powers?

Answer Ashtar SherranReligion today is not your parents religion. It is run by fanatics and mad people who use it to manipulate their followers for their own means. However, there is hope. The Universe Pe... Read More »

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Name this chow please It is anime style The people do this tranformation with shiny light Then they have these powers It was on years ago Any info is appreciated Help?

You just described an entire genre of anime: the Magical Girl genre. Perhaps you're referring to Sailor Moon.

How to Convert People to a New Religion?

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How many people adhere to the Christian religion?

Religious Tolerance states that there are 2.039 billion Christians in the world--if you include sects like the Latter Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses. This makes Christianity the largest religio... Read More »

How to Stop People From Trying to Convert You to Another Religion?

If you are tired of religions trying to convert you to their beliefs, please read this to learn how to politely tell them you are not interested.