How to Be Emotional Over Nothing?

Answer Are you fed up with being the only one "dry-eyed" after a sad story, song, or movie? Have you been called insensitive, unfeeling, etc.? If so, you have come to the right place.

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Why Am I So Emotional! Please, Please Help Me!!?

there's nothing wrong with you. you say you're happy all the time... maybe your body is just really wanting to empty your tears to cleanse your eyes. maybe your eyes have been holding it in like th... Read More »

I'm so emotional!!! Do we still have time?

honestly most people on clomid ovulate later than cd 14. I know myself I ovulated around day 21. I believe another 1 of my contacts did 2!!! So I would just throw his bags down and get to it when h... Read More »

Why are women more emotional?

It's true that women are more prone to crying than men, at least after they reach puberty. Women have more of the prolactin hormone, which contributes to tears and how much people cry. There also i... Read More »

What is the most emotional/best movie you ever saw?