How to Be Efficient?

Answer It's amazing how much time we waste, but if you're willing to make a few changes, your time could be used more efficiently. Here's how:

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What is the most gas efficient car?

On One Hand: Toyota PriusThe most gas-efficient car currently available is the Toyota Prius. It is a hybrid (powered by a combination of gas and electricity) and consumes about 51 miles per gallon ... Read More »

Are gas fireplaces efficient?

On One Hand: Gas Fireplaces Are EfficientGas is a very efficient fuel for fireplaces. It provides more heat than electricity and is cheaper, too. Compared to wood fireplaces, gas burns more efficie... Read More »

How efficient is photosynthesis?

On One Hand: Exact MeasuresThe efficiency of photosynthesis can reach 35%. However, most crop efficiencies are 1% to 2%. Even though this is true, the primary reactions have close to 100% quantum ... Read More »

How to Buy a Fuel Efficient SUV?

SUVs make wonderful personal and/or family vehicles because of their big size, many ammenities and large towing capacity, but they do have the downside of being gas guzzlers that will cost you a fo... Read More »