How to Be Effective in a King of the Hill Match on Halo 3?

Answer Player controlling the hillYou're playing Halo 3's multiplayer to kill and use brute strength to win, and suddenly up comes a game of King of the Hill? How are you expected to win that? That needs ... Read More »

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How to Be Effective in a Grifball Match on Halo 3?

So you want to be a Halo 3 Grifball champion right? Well there's more to it than swinging a club and catching a ball. It takes team work, strategy and skill to get anywhere in a Grifball game. Luck... Read More »

How to Be Effective in a Swords Match on Halo 3?

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How to Be Effective in a Rockets Match on Halo 3?

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What is social match halo?

Developed by Bungie Software "Halo" revolutionized the first-person-shooting video game with its innovative gameplay and compelling story. "Halo 3," released in September of 2007 and rated "Mature"... Read More »