How to Be Cryonically Preserved?

Answer Cryopreservation techniques have advanced in the last decades. Many people who have the financial means have made the decision to have their bodies cryonically preserved. Keep reading for steps to ... Read More »

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How was The Epic of Gilgamesh preserved?

The Epic of Gilgamesh was preserved by storytellers. They orally told stories, each their own way. The Epic as we have it now is not in it original form due to changes in the way the teller said it... Read More »

Do Preserved Flowers Change Colors?

Flower preservation allows people to take flowers from memorable events, such as a wedding, and create a timeless keepsake. Flower preservation companies try to preserve the flowers so that they ap... Read More »

How to Make Preserved Rose Leaves?

These are useful to use in certain recipes requiring a decorative element or to provide a faint trace of roses in baking.

How to Make Preserved Citrus Peel?

Citrus peel is useful to have on hand for baking and cooking needs. This method preserves peel using sugar and salt; the peel can be kept for up to a year.