How to Be Correct by Not Being Politically Correct?

Answer Do you feel that media is forcing a certain--"too restrained"--politeness (or im-politeness by redefining) terminology on you? That would be/is definitely wrong of the people who attempt to coerce ... Read More »

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How to Be Politically Correct?

The expression "politically correct" came about in the 1970's and was intended to mean "inclusive." It referred to the use of language that would not cause an individual of any demographic (social ... Read More »

How to Respond to Politically Correct People?

Often, a stereotypical "Politically Correct" person can appear as self-righteous and judgmental, though usually in a very subtle way. These types of people do not like to be put in their places. It... Read More »

Is anyone else concerned about how having such a politically correct society will affect your child?

I can't read your whole post because I'm lazy and ADD today...But I too DETEST Ming Ming...and don't allow that stupid show in my house either. And YES I think that tolerance is one thing...walkin... Read More »

How to Get an Automatic and Correct Flash Sight Picture and an Automatic and Correct Sight Picture With P&S?

P&S is a natural, fast, and accurate shooting method that can be used to get an automatic and correct Flash Sight Picture + an automatic and correct Sight Picture for each shot, and regardless of w... Read More »