How to Be Cool and Popular in Sixth Grade?

Answer Who doesn't dream of being that nice, popular, seemingly perfect kid whom everyone envies and wants to hang out with? Here's how to get a head start on the social ladder as you barely begin middle ... Read More »

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How to Be a Popular Sixth Grade Girl?

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Cool Science Projects for the Sixth Grade?

When your teacher has instructed you to go out into the world and find interesting, cool science experiments and projects to entertain your classmates, numerous choices are available. Whether you l... Read More »

Is it normal for a nine-year-old in third grade to weigh more than her brother in sixth grade?

AnswerIt depends on how much the sixth grader weighs. The normal weight for a third grader is usually 40-60 pounds. If the third grader weighs more than that then talk to a doctor about putting he/... Read More »

How to Figure Grade Point Average for Sixth Grade?

Grade point average, or GPA, is an important number calculated by high schools and colleges to easily quantify a student's academic success. Most middle schools, however, do not calculate GPA. If t... Read More »