How to Be Confident and Stand up to Your Enemy?

Answer Tired of your enemy constantly making you mad? Well you came to the right place.

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When the US army says that enemy soldiers have rights then why does the enemy not abide by the same rules today?

The US is a signatory to the Geneva Convention. In doing such, we agreed to adhere to that. The United States government argues that the enemy combatants defined in the Geneva Convention are typic... Read More »

If "food" is not an enemy, what is the greatest enemy Diabetics Face?

Misinformation. Food is hardly an enemy. It is as essential to a diabetic as it is to a normal person. The problem arises when people believe what they are told by doctors, nurses, and dieticians w... Read More »

How to Be Better Than Your Enemy?

Forgiveness and acceptance are the keys to being better than your enemy. Even using the word "enemy" is problematic and if you continue to see life in this black and white context, you will be the ... Read More »

How to Get a Guy to Like You when He's Your Enemy?

Let's say you're totally in love with some guy who, ironically, is your enemy. You know how teenagers are, always taking sides with one friend and bashing the other. However, you really like this g... Read More »