How to Be Confident Without Having to Be in the Slaggy Group?

Answer This article will help you to become more confident and popular without having to join the popular group with the slags in it.

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How to Be Confident in a Horse Riding Group?

When you're in your group learning to horse ride and your instructor says something to you and you want to talk back and loudly but you just mumble and go red? This is the article for you.

Can you share a persons status in a group,without having the person know you shared his/or hers status?

Yes if you look at all of facebook settings you can custom share each of your posts or all.. do a test using a fake account you added as a friend.

Can a 16 year old get insurance on his or her car without having to have a parent on the insurance too and without having to be on their parents car?

AnswerNo. At 16, you're still considered a juvenile in the eyes of the law. As such, you can't enter into a legally binding contract, which is what an insurance policy would be in effect.Not to men... Read More »

How to Be Confident Without Arrogance?

Have people ever referred to you as "arrogant" or "pompous"? Of course, that's not what you want people thinking about you! Here are some steps to help you overcome this personality deficiency.