How to Be Confident Around Someone Who Is Better Than You?

Answer We are all created equal, yet with our own unique talents and skills. No matter how hard you work, there will likely always be someone, somewhere who can out do you at just about anything, the tric... Read More »

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If bruised or fractured your tail it better to walk around rather than lay around after?

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Is dish better than direct tv or the other way around?

Charter HD vs DIRECTV HD Let's face it, the reason you've made the big investment in a HDTV is to enjoy HD programming. Why would you accept less HD Programming from Charter when DIRECTV offers so... Read More »

How to Get Revenge by Being Better Than Someone?

Whether it be against an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend or an enemy, revenge always tastes sweet...but for how long? Improving yourself is a great method to get revenge because there is no guilt... Read More »

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