How to Be Completely Scandalous?

Answer Feeling down over your goody-two shoes image? Want to step things up a notch? Well you're in the right place.In the next few minutes this article will discuss the small steps you can take to be S-C... Read More »

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I believe he/she is only stating how this company, "Scandalous Cosmetics", is exactly the same as Manic Panic, and Ruby's...and most likely several other makeup brands and companies we've all used ... Read More »

Whats the most SCANDALOUS thing to happen at YOUR school?

last year, an anonymous "gossip girl" wrote a gossip blog about people in my grade, dissing a lot of people and unleashing shocking secrets. it was all the rage for about a week, and numerous group... Read More »

Have you ever said something that came out completely wrong?

lol, yes . one time me and my cousin were in south Carolina on vacation and went 'crabbing' on the docks we caught a few and these two REALLY hot guys came up to us and they said "hey did you guys... Read More »

I have completely 0mb, how can I get more memory?

If you have laptop,reboot it back to factory settings,could be f5-f8 or f12,its different keys on some laptops.But turn off and when restarting press f5 continuously till screen appears with option... Read More »