How to Be Committed to Your Artwork?

Answer Becoming committed to your artwork is a big ambition and one that many people crave. Commitment is a long-term word, and you must have the ambition and self will to carry on and commit yourself to ... Read More »

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Is it illegal to commercially modify and use on the Internet a photograph of a wall with graffiti artwork and would you need to attribute the artwork to an anonymous artist?

Preliminary answer by a non-attorney There are some who may apply the following logic: "I'm not an attorney but I imagine it depends on who owns the wall."If the graffiti is on a public building an... Read More »

How do you enter album artwork in iTunes when it says album artwork unmodifiable?

You have to create an AAC version of it. You do that by opening Itunes and right clicking it then push create AAC version. Once you have done that delete the duplicates and you can change the artwork

How to Price Your Artwork?

Here are some tips on how to price a piece of your artwork to sell it. There is definitely no exact science to it, but hopefully these tips will help you.

How to Show Your Artwork?

Artists create work to be seen by the public and buyers. There are many ways to show your art work. This article will give you a few steps, tips, and warnings about showing your art. Please researc... Read More »