How to Be Colorful Chic?

Answer Have you ever wanted to have that funky looking room? What about those so stylish clothes that are cute, and unique? Personality = popular? Follow these rules and you're there!

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How to Be Chic?

Being chic is not about the most fashionable clothes, it's about what makes you feel comfortable and what style suits you.

How to Be a Colorful Emo?

Not all emos wear black. The definition of emo is "emotional". All of the colors represent emotions, right? Yeah, so if you're emo you can wear all the colors.

How to Look Glamorous and Chic?

Got a party coming up? This is for you so you can look fabulous and chick. You'll be sure to turn heads!

How to Look Internationally Chic?

this is all about hints on dressing to look like you came from France,Italy, Nigeria,Japan,Greece,or Brazil. there are hints for all of these