How to Be Brilliant at English?

Answer English is a tough topic to master ( which is why this page was invented ) , with all the spelling and the writing, but how do you become brilliant at this? All will be revealed...

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Are astronaut really brilliant?

To be able to compete against other astronaut candidates during the selection process, many astronauts have to be at the top of their respected fields.

How to Be a Brilliant Student in History?

Yup...this is history... old pics with big hats!History can be quite a boring subject, but if you're taking it, too bad, you have to get used to it. But your biggest problem is that you're not good... Read More »

I just played a trick on my son, its brilliant...?

haha thats funny. you are a fun mom and someday your kids will look back and say with a smile "wow my mom was a nut case" ;) its fun to have fun aint it?

Brilliant Advertising Ideas?

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