How to Be Brave Enough to See a Scary Movie?

Answer So you wanna see a scary movie and but your too scared, here is how to lose that fear and be brave enough to watch a scary movie

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How to Get Brave Enough to Talk to Girls?

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Are ANY of the altie regulars brave enough to denounce KTT's 'women who are pro vaccine deserve rape' posts?

Thankyou for posting, lo_mcg. KTT seems to be having one of his episodes lately. I notice that he has outbursts every now and again. I'm not really sure he contributes anything towards AltMed eithe... Read More »

Why are only a few people brave enough to put their picture on their account?

Because I like to maintain my anonymity. There are a lot of weirdos on this site, asking a lot of hateful questions. I like to tangle with them, and try to get them to think (a waste of time, I kno... Read More »

How to Make a Scary Movie on Windows Movie Maker?

Ever wanted to make a good scary movie on Windows Movie Maker? Find out here in just a few easy steps!