How to Be Body Painted?

Answer Body Painting is different from face painting in the simple fact that face painting is only covering the face while body painting is the whole body (sometimes including the face). There are many th... Read More »

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Every bone in my body is sore (just painted outside of the house). Need pain killers and way to relax. How?

Try sweet talking someone into going to Boots for you and getting a box of Dead Sea Salts. A handful of that in a warm bath and you'll be right as rain in no time! It's a miracle worker!!!If you ca... Read More »

Would you rather have a Great Body and a Terrible self-body-image, or an OK body and a Great self-body-image?

Okay body and great self-body-image. Confidence is attractive and important enough to make up for the eh-ish body. Plus, I know what having a poor image of yourself is like... I would like to live ... Read More »

Where Is Everybody (body) ..... (body) .... (body) ....?

Epul stfu of they're going to troll the RHH section ...keep the peace we've had...Respect to the R&P section from RHHEDIT: I just got tired of being suspended...EDIT2: I've been suspended about 4-5... Read More »

Why does my body look extremely better but body fat never changes on the scale?

No scales can measure body fat% correctly.I have a scales that measure it, but it says I'm 4% body fat, which means I should be suffering from organ failure.My body fat is about 13% its only out b... Read More »