How to Be Beautiful and Be Loved?

Answer Love and be lovedTired of being plain and boring? Want people to pay you more attention? Read this and you'll be fabulous and loved in no time.

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What is a beautiful song to commemorate a deceased loved one?

Check out these artistsSarah MclaughlinJosh GrobanAndrea BocelliAlso search for "memorial songs" on google..... you'll get some good results.

If you're a beautiful person, what are the pro's and cons of being beautiful?

During High school and college I was pretty hot. I was popular and well-rounded. I was 110 lbs, green eyes, tan and light brown hair that went to my waist. I was more into fashion then and had gr... Read More »

My beautiful cherry tree has been cut right down will it really grow back even more beautiful?

Your question is a bit vague so i'll try to cover several ideas (email me with more specific info for a concise conclusion). Is the tree young, well established or in maturity? What species of cher... Read More »

How to Be Loved?

Being loved is what we all want, isn't it? So why does it sometimes seem impossible? Love yourself first. No, this does not mean become self absorbed, it simply means be happy within yourself. If y... Read More »