How to Be Assertive Without Being Arrogant?

Answer Taking chargeAssertiveness is a very important means for communicating your needs in a way that is fair to both yourself and to others. Unfortunately, for some insecure people, assertive people are... Read More »

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How to Brag Without Being Arrogant?

Bragging can produce many benefits in life, at least when it forms part of a genuine attempt to convey the good points about yourself to a potential employer, romantic interest or others in need of... Read More »

How to Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive?

Have you ever felt like wringing someone's neck after they use every excuse in the book to get out of doing what they told you they would do? You want to confront them but you're so furious you can... Read More »

How to Be an Assertive Bride Without Being a Bridezilla?

Has anyone watched "Bridezillas" on the WE Channel? Brides have the right to have what they want WITHOUT resorting to cruelty to get it.Here's what to do:

How do you raise a child to be confident without being arrogant?

Teach him to be extremely polite. The politeness should counteract most arrogance. Go beyond please and thank you and teach him about apologies, consideration to other's schedules, feelings, and ... Read More »