How to Be Anti Authoritarian?

Answer At the basis of mostly all non-conformist, Punk, Goth, and similar subcultures (just to name a few), is a desire to buck authority, whether that be by dressing differently or bending/breaking rules... Read More »

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How to Gain Respect from an Authoritarian Teacher?

Authoritarian teachers are the most troublesome kind. It's difficult to earn their respect, since usually their expectations are very high. Here are some pointers on how to gain the respect of this... Read More »

My glasses are Anti-Glare (Anti-reflection)..for only about three weeks!?

I'm an Optician and I HATE those so-called "lens sprays". The problem with them is that if you have any debris, dirt, crud, or dust on the lens and you spray the lens with that stuff, all it does ... Read More »

Can someone recommend a good anti virus, anti spyware and firewall program?

AntiVirus: Download Avast AntiVirus from:…Anti Spyware: Download Adaware from:…Firewall: Comodo Personal Firewa... Read More »

Where can I download a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software for linux?

You do not need anti virus or anti spyware on Linux. Linux is more secure then Windows, it is permission based system, which means so long as you are not in what is called Root Permission, you ca... Read More »