How to Be Annoyingly Obsessive?

Answer For fun, to scare somebody irritating off, or to add a special touch to a Halloween costume, be obsessive!

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How to Act Annoyingly Uninterested?

This is a guide for letting people know that you don't really care about what they have to say - without actually having to say that to their face.

What would you do if a prankster keeps ringing up your phone very very annoyingly?

you can call the phone company and have the phone number blocked from calling you, but if they call from somewhere else, well, your pretty much screwed

Is Youtube lagging at your the buffering speed of the videos annoyingly slow?

I saw a video a couple of days ago saying YouTube is upgrading servers so as they are shutting down 1,2, or how many they do at 1 time, then the other servers are trying to handle the load.

How to Not Be Obsessive?

If you're usually the type that obsesses over the simplest things, or bigger things, don't be.