How to Be Admired by Girls?

Answer Ever wondered what girls like in a guy? To most guys, our brains make no sense but that's not because we're aliens. It's because we look for different things than boys do. What do we look for? Read... Read More »

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How to Be Admired?

What do all admired people have in common? The same hair style? The same clothes? The same favorite bands? Do they all say the same things? Of course not! Popularity is about people skills. If it w... Read More »

How to Be Admired by Others?

Teens often find it hard to fit in and be noticed. These are some tips on how to get respected by as many people as possible...

How to Know If the Guy You've Admired From Afar Likes You?

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Group Activities for Jr. High School Girls Dealing With Mean Girls?

Growing up is very challenging without having to deal with the pressure of peers. Sometimes in middle school, girls have the tendency to be mean to each other. The key to dealing with this is mak... Read More »