How to Be Accepting by Being Polytheistic?

Answer The four blind men touched different parts of the elephant and each had a different description of it. The truth differs for each person and is based on his or her perspective. Be accepting of othe... Read More »

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How to Be More Accepting of Other Religions?

Several religious symbols togetherIn today's world, there are many different religions. Each one is unique with its own rituals, celebrations and explanation of how the world works. It is easy to c... Read More »

Where are all the accepting mothers ?

KAY! You calm down! Dont worry about what other people are saying about rearing YOUR child. Use your mommie intuition and you'll be fine, ok? Concentrate on providing the best care for your baby an... Read More »

My computer isn't accepting the proper ram. Why?

I never mix RAM just because of this. I think that the problem is that by filling the first two dimms you are engaging dual channel mode, and since you only have one chip in the second pair of slot... Read More »

When does the IRS start accepting tax returns?

You can start filing your IRS tax returns starting on Jan. 15, according to the IRS tax year 2009 filing calendar. However, you must also have received all of your tax paper work, like W-2 forms, 1... Read More »