How to Be Able to Get Your Calves Stronger to Dunk?

Answer Calf strength will come primarily from lifting weights. However, strength isn't the only thing required to increase vertical jump. Vertical jump comes from overall leg and body strength and not jus... Read More »

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How to Stretch Your Calves?

Stretching your calf muscles is essential to prevent injuries if you're going to be doing just about any vigorous activity. Stretching your calves is also an excellent way to help treat plantar fas... Read More »

Whats your favourite biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea?

Twix! I love it when the chocolate & caramel goes all gooey!!

Poll<I> Do you still, dunk your Oreo's in milk?

I don't dunk them. I twist them and get to the creamy center first. The new "Mint" flavored Oreo with Green filling is AWESOME! ;-)

How to Train Your Horse to Rope Calves?

Not too long ago, calf roping was an essential skill for every working ranch horse, but these days it is primarily a rodeo and horse-show event. Even so, learning to rope calves can be a great way ... Read More »