How to Battle Pokemon?

Answer A Pokemon battle is a need-to-know in order to play any one of the Pokemon series games. Once you understand how to battle, you can be successful in any of the games.

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How to Wi-Fi Battle on Pokemon Pearl?

"Pokemon Pearl" for the Nintendo DS lets you to battle against live opponents in head-to-head Pokemon competitions, both locally and remotely. Because of the security features built into the game, ... Read More »

How to Win Any Pokemon Battle With a Level 1 Rattata?

Most people would expect a high level Pokémon to be able to completely obliterate a Level 1 Pokémon. This article shows you how a level 1 Rattata can beat any Pokémon under certain circumstances... Read More »

How to Triple Battle in Pokemon Games?

In the Pokemon games, this type of battle was introduced on the releases of 'Pokemon White' and 'Pokemon Black' versions. Like the name says, a triple battle is when you and your opponent send out ... Read More »

How to Keep From Losing a WiFi Battle on Pokemon?

WiFi battles are pretty tough, even with high-level Pokemon. If your about to loose a WiFi battle, your first instinct may be to press the "Run" button, but if you do that it will count as a loss o... Read More »