How to Battle Darkrai in "Diamond"?

Answer "Darkrai" is a legendary one-of-a-kinda Pokemon in the "Pokemon Diamond" game for the Nintendo DS. Most players can go through the entire game without catching Darkrai because it does not appear in... Read More »

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How Do I Get a Darkrai in "Diamond"?

In the "Pokemon" series, Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon that delivers nightmares to those around it. This pure Dark-type Pokemon comes with partial resistance to Ghost- and Dark-type attacks, as we... Read More »

How to Get Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond?

so now all of the Pokemon players are playing the new must have Pokemon diamond and pearl.and everyone who plays wants the dark type darkrai.

How to Catch Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokémon Diamond is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. In the game, you explore different lands and try to catch various types of Pokémon in order to train them... Read More »

How to Get Darkrai on Pokemon Diamond Version?

"Pokemon Diamond" is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and released by Nintendo for the DS portable gaming console. The game allows players to take catch, raise, train and breed Pokemon, ... Read More »