How to Bathe or Shower when You Know There Is a Lizard in the Bathroom?

Answer There is a lizard in the bathroom but you have to take a shower or bath. The following tips will help you get the job done without accidentally meeting up with the lizard.

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When plumbing a bathroom what causes the shower to get hotter when the toilet is flushed?

Answer Because by flushing the toilet while using the shower, you have removed some of the water pressure on the cold side. This decreases the amount of water flowing to the shower head. Therefore ... Read More »

Does it ruin your phone when you bring it in the bathroom with you when taking a shower?

you take very hot showers. The steam is getting all over the bathroom and into your phone which is causing the water damage you speak of. Since it is only steam and dries very quickly it won't pe... Read More »

Bathroom Walls Drip When Shower Is On?

Your window is not sufficient ventalation first of all. That bethroom need to have a ceiling bathroom fan installed. Also the only thing that would cause the condensation to appear yellow would be ... Read More »

How do I prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up when I take a shower?

My mum used 2 swear by a thin film of washing-up liquid on the mirror.It only lasts for 1 shower/bath.Re-coat as needed.